MicroScience Quantitative Ashless grades are made of pure cellulose fibres with an ash content of less than 0.01%. The Quantitative Ashless grades are acid washed to ensure high purity for demanding applications.

GradeApplicationWeightFiltration Speed Porosity ³
(g/m²)(s/100ml) ¹(ml/min) ²(µm)
MS 5AFFast flow rate; for typical qualitative applications and coarser precipitates847085042339
MS 5AMMedium flow rate; for finer precipitates and mid range removal efficiency8415037543077
MS 5ASVery slow flow rate for very fine precipitates; very high particle retention efficiency 10012005042858
MS 6ASlow flow rate for fine grain precipitates; high particle retention efficiency8425002542796
MS 7AMedium to slow flow rate for faster filtration of fine precipitates8445013042952



Quantitative Ashless Filter Papers