MicroScience Quantitative Hardened Ashless grades are made of pure cellulose fibres with an alpha cellulose content of almost 100%.

The Hardened Ashless grades have an ash content of less than 0.01% and are acid washed to ensure high purity in demanding applications.

GradeApplicationWeightFiltration Speed Porosity ³
(g/m²) (s/100ml) ¹(ml/min) ²(µm)
MS 1HAVery fast flow rate; for coarse and voluminous precipitates807580042339
MS 2HAFast flow rate for typical quantitative applications; medium to coarse precipitates8017035043077
MS 3HAMedium flow rate; higher retention efficiency and finer precipitates8026023042952
MS 4HASlow flow rates for fine grained precipitates; high particle retention efficiency809206542796

¹ Filtration Time (secs) for 100ml, prefiltered distilled water (20°C) on a filter surface of 10cm² and at a constant pressure of 5cm water gauge
² Flow rate of prefiltered, distilled water (20°C) on a 110mm disc at a constant pressure of 5cm water gauge
³ Nominal rating in liquids

Quantitative Hardened Ashless Filter Papers