Quantitative Ashless Filter Papers


The MicroScience range of glass fibre and cellulose filter papers is manufactured to exacting quality standards within an ISO9001 Quality System.

SYRINGE FILTERS-microscience


A unique range of high performance disposable sterile and non sterile syringe filter units for demanding applications

Membrane Filters


A broad range of absolute and nominal membrane media has been developed and tested in local markets to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

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Disposable Microbiological Monitors

The Microbiological Monitors are used for contaminants monitoring, microbiological testing and sterility testing in liquid samples. The easy system offers , a low cost disposable, ready to use sterile filter set bringing significant convenience to laboratory daily activities enabling the

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MicroScience filter paper is manufactured and certified according to ISO 14001.This provides us with the elements of an effective environmental management system. Our company finds it important to not only provide products to the environmental industry but to also continually improve on reducing our environmental footprint.
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Sugar laboratories
MicroScience offers different grades of filter papers that are widely used in sugar industry quality management labs around the globe. In the analysis of cane or sugar beet, the fruit is mashed and filtered to facilitate further analysis of the raw juice. Potassium-, nitrogen-, sodium-, and saccharine contents can then be determined by spectrophotometry
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