MicroScience Qualitative filter papers are manufactured from high purity cellulose fibres with ash contents less than 0.1%.

The filter papers have a broad pH tolerance and are thermostable up to 120°C.

Filtration Speed Porosity ³
(s/100ml) ¹(ml/min) ²
MS 1Fast flow rate; for large crystalline particles and gelatinous precipitates847085042339
MS 2Medium flow rate; for fine precipitates and crystalline particles8750012042952
MS 3Medium to slow flow rate; for fine precipitates976509042952
MS 4Slow flow rate; higher retention efficiency for fine precipitates8412005042858
MS 5Very slow flow rate for very fine precipitates; common type for wine clarification7540001542767

¹ Filtration Time (secs) for 100ml, prefiltered distilled water (20°C) on a filter surface of 10cm² and at a constant pressure of 5cm water gauge
² Flow rate of prefiltered, distilled water (20°C) on a 110mm disc at a constant pressure of 5cm water gauge
³ Nominal rating in liquids


Qualitative Filter Papers