The NP syringe filter is designed for clarification of aqueous and solvent samples in a wide array of analytical and research applications. It is primarily used to filter small aqueous and organic samples with low hold-up volume for direct injection into HPLC sample loop systems. The filtered samples ensure column protection.

The MicroScience nylon membrane is naturally hydrophilic. The nylon membrane contains no wetting agents and yields exceptionally low extractable levels, typically less than 1.5 µg/cm2. The MicroScience nylon membrane is pre-rinsed in methanol to completely eliminate any possible extractables which could interfere with results in sensitive applications.


  • HPLC aqueous and organic sample filtration
  • Solvent filtration and clarification
  • Exceptionally low extractable level with no wetting agents utilized

The syringe filter housing is made of pure polypropylene. Both materials, nylon and polypropylene, are  highly temperature resistant and autoclavable. NP nylon syringe filters are compatible with most organic solvents including acetone, methylene chloride and acetonitrile. All batches are tested to verify filter and housing integrity.

NP nylon syringe filters are available in 13mm and 30mm diameters.

Nylon Syringe Filter