MicroScience glass fibre syringe filters contain binderless filter media which is biologically inert.

Benefits include:

  • High dirt holding capacity
  • No binder extraction in solvent applications

The glass fibre syringe filter is designed for the clarification of extremely viscous samples that may otherwise clog a membrane filter too quickly or for clarification procedures where a membrane filter is not necessary. The GS syringe filter has high contaminant capacity and very high throughputs.

The borosilicate glass fibre has a low affinity for protein. The nominal 1.0um pore size media is well suited for cell-media separations prior to sterilization as well as general filtration for solutions with large particulate loads.


  • Prefilter viscous serum and tissue culture media samples prior to analysis
  • Filtration of cell media separations prior to sterilisation
  • Clarify heavy particulate-laden samples
  • High dirt loading contaminant capability
  • Binderless 100% borosilicate glass fibre filter for purification procedures

The MicroScience 30GS prefilter syringe filter contains a nominal 1.0um binder free 100% borosilicate glass fibre filter in a polypropylene housing. The syringe filter has high-temperature resistance and is autoclavable.

Glass Fibre Syringe