The MicroScience range with PES membranes are available with or without glass fibre prefilters. Benefits include:

Benefits include:

  • Low protein binding
  • Fast flow rates and high throughput
  • Hydrophilic media
  • Low extractable levels

Polyethersulphone-Hydraflon Syringe Filters


  • Sterilise biological fluids, serum or tissue culture media additives
  • Sample preparation of aqueous solutions
  • High throughput, low binding situations
  • Units for sterile aqueous filtrations
  • Filter probe and hybridisation solutions to reduce backgrounds
  • Sample preparation of protein-based solutions
  • General HPLC application

The MicroScience 30mm PES syringe filters, with or without glass fibre prefilters, are designed  specifically to provide high throughputs and quick flow rates when filtering or sterilising proteinaceous solutions with very low protein binding.

The prefilter and PES membrane filter are contained in a polypropylene housing which provides bi- directional support for the membrane, to allow for sample injection or aspiration.

Polyethersulphone (PES)