MicroScience filter paper is manufactured and certified according to ISO 14001.This provides us with the elements of an effective environmental management system. Our company finds it important to not only provide products to the environmental industry but to also continually improve on reducing our environmental footprint.

The pre-heated MS GG 550 is a binder free glass fibre materials suitable for suspended solid analysis, and its temperature resistant up to 550°C. The technical data of MS GG 550 corresponds to standard method 2540D for determining total suspended solids in water. Next to this MS GG 550 is used for a wide range of application in laboratories.


  • Removal of turbidity
  • Cell harvesting
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Liquid scintillation counting

Basis weight:65 g/m²
Particle retention in liquids:~1.5µm
DOP Penetration:0.3µm

Order No.Size (mm)Order No.Size (mm)Order No.Size (mm)
MS GG 550 21mm21MS GG 550 42.5mm42.5MS GG 550 125mm125
MS GG 550 24mm24MS GG 550 47mm47MS GG 550 150mm150
MS GG 550 25mm25MS GG 550 55mm55MS GG 550 185mm185
MS GG 550 27mm27MS GG 550 70mm70MS GG 550 240mm240
MS GG 550 28mm28MS GG 550 82mm82MS GG 550 320mm320
MS GG 550 30mm30MS GG 550 85mm85MS GG 550 203x254mm203 x 254
MS GG 550 32mm32MS GG 550 90mm90MS GG 550 51x305mm51 x 305
MS GG 550 35mm35MS GG 550 105mm105MS GG 550 305x381mm305 x 381
MS GG 550 37mm37MS GG 550 110mm110