The Microbiological Monitors are used for contaminants monitoring, microbiological testing and sterility testing in liquid samples. The easy system offers , a low cost disposable, ready to use sterile filter set bringing significant convenience to laboratory daily activities enabling the optimization of analysis time for routine testing.

Each unit consists of a measured filter funnel, base, pad, membrane, removable lid and plug in 47mm.


Total colony counts, especially for the detection of microorganisms contamination in liquids.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of microbiological testing in pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage and water samples.

  • Mixed Ester (MCE)  Membrane Filter 0.45um 47mm White with Grids
  • Sterile Individually Wrapped
  • 100ml Filter Holder Capacity
  • Filter Holder Converts to use as a Petri Dish