A unique range of high-performance disposable sterile and non-sterile syringe filter units for demanding applications

High throughput designs, 13 and 30mm diametersIdeal for a diverse range of applications, including both small and large samples
Wide choice of membranes and media including:
Cellulose Acetate
Polyethersulphone (PES)
Glass Fibre
A broad mix of medias, something for every application
Specialty membrane media including:
Cellulose Acetate
Polyethersulphone (PES)
Specifically optimised for critical use, in particular low protein-binding applications
Built in pre-filter optionsHigh throughputs and lower pressure drop, even for samples with high contaminant loading
Polypropylene materials of construction
Strong, robust construction, low extractables without adhesives or binders

Applications include:

  • Sample preparation of aqueous and protein based HPLC solutions
  • Low protein binding
  • Low extractables where required
  • Viscous and proteinaceous solutions
  • Probe and hybridisation samples
  • General HPLC applications
  • Solvent filtration and clarification
  • Heavy particulate laden samples
  • Sterile air vent applications